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How does Belle & Co. compares to de-alcoholised wines? 

unlike the majority of alcohol free wines, nothing is stripped out of Belle & Co. When alcohol is removed from a sparkling wine, many of the aromatic top notes are extracted along with the flavour. Belle & Co. does not remove anything desirable during production. It delivers a completely integrated flavour, which is fresher and has more balance than a product which had alcohol removed.

What makes Belle & Co. zero alcohol?

Belle & Co. is crafted from bacterial fermented grape juice. No alcohol is formed as a by-product in a yeast fermentation. This is a centuries old technique which delivers the complexity of a fermented wine without the alcohol.

What makes Belle & Co. a premium offering?

Belle & Co. uses the highest quality European sourced ingredients and
premium green tea, combined with an exceptional packaging that delivers the complexity and structure of sparkling wine without creating alcohol in the fermentation process.


What is the innovative aspect of Belle & Co. that delivers the enjoyment of Sparkling without the alcoholic content? 

Belle & Co. has been carefully crafted with a fine balance of sparkling fermented grape juice and premium tea infusion to produce a delightfully refreshing drink with delicate, fine bubbles and the refreshing finish of an enjoyable Prosecco! Belle & Co. is innovative in
using bacterial fermentation to create the complexity of wine without alcohol being produced as a by-product. Additionally, the use of premium green tea adds tannin structure to capture
the complexity and structure of sparkling wine.

What is the  Sparkling style for Belle & Co.?
Belle & Co. is very similar to the Prosecco style, which is one of the
most approachable wine styles in the world of sparkling wine with the fresh fruit character, finish and size of the bubbles.

What is the difference between the Sparkling White and the Sparkling Rosé?
Both use the same fermented grape base. The difference between the sparkling white and sparkling rosé is the addition of
‘organic black carrot’. Black carrots have an unexpected sweetness and a subtle spicy aftertaste, which are desirable characteristics for sparkling Rosé.

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